Daragh likes to make things Halpin at our English Language School in Dublin

27-year-old Daragh Halpin from Crumlin in Dublin has been teaching at our English Language School in Dublin for almost two years. He has been teaching English for over five years. The profession has taken him to Thailand and Italy but he is now back in Dublin teaching at City Language School and we are very glad to have him. Last week, we caught up with him for a chat.

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When did you start teaching?

I started in Thailand in 2012 and I was there for about a year. I worked in a high school there and had eight hundred students to look after. I had to teach them and test them. There was fifty to a class. I got to travel all around that beautiful country and most of Asia. I came back to Ireland for a while and then moved to Italy where I worked in Milan for almost two years.

What did you study at University?

I studied Irish (language) and History at University College Dublin and then went on to do a course in TEFL because it allowed me to travel.

Do you like teaching?

I love it. I think it’s fulfilling to give something to somebody that really wants it and that really works towards it. And it’s something I’ve found with students in Thailand, Italy or here, they all have the same objective – the vast majority want it for travel. Of course there are exceptions; some people want to be able to read Shakespeare, some want it for work but most people want it because they want to travel and they want to be able to communicate and have fun and that’s great for me.

What about Dublin, how long have you been back here?

Well I did my CELTA (teaching qualification) when I came back and wanted to teach. I had just finished it and I walked in here and asked for a job. After a few interviews they offered me the job and I’ve been here ever since.

Daragh (far left) with his class

What did you learn when you were away from home that helps you here at City Language School?

I know it can be difficult for students living away from home because I have experienced the same as they are experiencing now. You’re miles from home with very little support network so sometimes as a teacher you go the extra mile for them, help them out when you can.

Why is Dublin a great place to study?

I think Dublin has lots of characters that you won’t meet anywhere else. It’s also a great place to base yourself if you want to go travelling. It’s the home of Ryanair which means students can go wherever they want in Ireland and all over Europe.

Have you any advice for people coming to Dublin?

Bring a rain jacket and a paracetamol.