On Claudia 9 at our English Language School in Dublin

Claudia Joselyn Vianna Benta from Montevideo in Uruguay came to our English Language School in Dublin last September. She has just completed her second stint with us here at City Language School. After a few tears were shed, we sat down with her to have a chat about her life in Dublin and why she is staying longer.

Why choose Dublin to study English?

First of all, I wanted to be in Europe and second, Ireland was the easiest option of all the rest because I was able to work and study at the same time and because it’s the longest visa option. I think London, for example, was like three months. Here you get to do both.

Is it easy to find work in Dublin?

I found work in my second week. I was working in a clothes shop, Zara, in Dundrum and I worked there for nine months and now I’m working with an Irish family and I work in a restaurant in town too.

How much has being able to work helped your English?

A lot I think. I think in school you learn everything about the language and in the workplace you get to apply it. When I came her I was at Upper Intermediate and now I’m at Advanced.

Is City Language School a good school?

I renewed and I’m renewing again. I like it. I like the teachers and everyone here. I feel comfortable here.

What do you like about Dublin?

Dublin is super intense. I love everything about living here. I came here alone and I met a lot of people and they have become my family. It’s very special. It’s a well run city. The only thing I don’t like is that the last bus is too early. So you should have more night buses but that’s all I would change. It’s a lovely city. Accommodation can be hard to find but I live in Dublin 1 near Connolly Station which is very central.

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