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English Language School Dublin – Pronunciation

Every week at, City Language School English Language School Dublin, we post our famous #TuesdayTipClip – a short lesson on an aspect of English.

This week we look at the pronunciation of \’silent b\’.

Spelling can be tricky

Spelling in English can be tricky and there a lot of what we call silent letters. These are letters that are seen but not said. Often they might have an effect on how another letter is pronounced in another part of the word.

For example, in this week\’s video you will see the word climb. In this case, the silent b has the effect of elongating the \’i\’ in climb, otherwise it would be short. This is the same in comb, where the b elongates the o.

This is not always the case however. In the case of dumb and numb for example there is no discernible difference.

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Enjoy the video…