Eduardo & his love of Dublin

Eduardo Battois from just outside Venice in Italy came to Ireland in October 2018 and stayed with us for eight weeks. He has decided to stay on and find a job here in Dublin.

Why did you decide to come to Dublin to study English?

When I was little, there were two places I wanted to visit more; Ireland and Canada. Every time I saw the pictures of Ireland it was really green and beautiful and it really met my expectations.

I like the city and the people. The people are very clever and very open. For asking information if you don’t know in the street, for directions people help you. I like the city. The weather is sometimes bad and in one day you can have four different seasons but I like it.

Where do you live in Dublin?

At the moment I live in Dublin 7 but I’m moving to Dublin 8 and I’m going to stay to find a job.

Did you enjoy City Language School?

With the classmates with the teachers it was really good. Stuart was one of my teachers and he was really great. It was different because it was more fun. They teach you but in a different way. They teach you with fun. When I got here I was pre-intermediate and now I’m Intermediate, so I am happy with my progress.

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