Dublin – Lots of Jobs for Students

Like the rest of the world, Ireland came to a shuddering halt in 2020. Restaurants and pubs closed their doors, retail moved online and the events industry, including nightclubs and concert venues, had to unplug their amplifiers and park their dancing shoes.

Now that things are opening up again, these same industries are crying out for people to come and work. This is good news for students coming to learn English in Ireland. On top of the opportunity to work while studying – something that is unique to the student visa offering here –  there are lots of opportunities to choose from. Not only does this pay the rent, it also gives students real world experience which is undoubtedly one of the quickest routes to learning a new language anywhere.

With that in mind, we thought we would go through the archives and see what our former students have to say about finding a job in Dublin.

Willian City Language School Dublin

Willian Woginski – Study & Travel Programme

As we speak by phone, drills and hammering can be heard in the distance. Because Ireland offers Study + Travel the opportunity to work while studying, Willian was able to bring his skills as a civil engineer from Brazil and use them on a site here in Dublin. This is something that will look great on his CV as he follows his career path.

Willian lives with his girlfriend in Dublin 2. She also studies at City Language School. Willian likes Dublin and thinks he will probably stay for as long as he can. 

“I would like to be in Ireland for a long time,” says Willian. “I hope I can secure a full-time job with my company and stay for a long time.”


Facundo Furtado, Uruguay –  Study & Travel Programme

“I did a lot of research on different countries and Ireland has a lot of advantages. You can earn a good salary here, you are in Europe so it’s easy to visit the rest of Europe quite cheaply and above all they permit students to study and work at the same time. That’s very good At the moment I’m working as a delivery driver while I’m here and it takes me all over the city. I really like it.”


Guilherme Queiroz, Brazil – Study & Travel Programme

“I decided to come to Ireland because I was looking for a country where I can learn English but where I can also work,” says Guillherme. “Dublin lets me do this and it means I can learn more English in school and at work. I work night shifts in a warehouse, so the hours are long and when I have my classes in the morning it can be tiring. But I speak English with my friends at work; Irish friends and other nationalities.”


Dilara Ulker, Turkey – Study & Travel Programme

“In the first place I didn’t think of Dublin but when I started to do research, I saw that here was one of the cheapest options. There were more opportunities to stay here after studying and a big factor was I could work here while I was studying. In Malta, for example, you have to wait a few months and other countries don’t even give you the opportunity to work. Dublin had more opportunities while studying.”


Mateus Lima de Silva, BrazilStudy & Travel Programme

“I work as a personal trainer in Brazil and do the same here. I work in Christchurch in Dublin 8. Working there I feel I immerse myself in Irish culture there and I have the craic. But I also get to speak to lots of people and that really definitely helps my English. There are lots of different people from all over the world there but also different parts of ireland so you get to hear all the accents. There are people from Donegal, Cork, Sligo not just Dublin so it helps your ear to get used to the accents.”


Tugba Cildir, France –  EnglishPlus Work Placement Programme

“I work in a café in Howth. It’s a nice place to work. I work on making the panini. People are nice but it is hard work. The customers are nice. I’m learning some English here too. There is a mix of Italians and Georgians working here.”


“We were delighted to be able to help Tugba,” says Luca deSantis, Work Placement Coordinator at City Language School. “Tugba joined our classes for two months and during that period we ran a few workshops focussing on designing her C.V., coming up with interview strategies and doing mock interviews.”

These workshops helped Tugba to prepare her application and when the time came to go for the interview, she was ready. City Language School contacted our list of companies on her behalf and securing an interview but the rest was up to Tugba.

“They liked her and they hired her,” says Luca. “We were then able to support her as she started working. So we helped her with her PPS number and getting all of her documents sorted out and when she had questions we were there for her.”

Fernando Cerón Antonio, MexicoStudy & Travel Programme

“I started working one month after I arrived. I work in security. It was quite easy to find work. My landlord actually suggested it to me. It’s a good job. I’m going to stay a little longer in Ireland. I will go back for a holiday but I think I will come back.”


Ana Jimena Huesca Rubio, MexicoStudy & Travel Programme

“For me it was easy. I just dropped in some CVs and they called me. At the beginning, I found it quite hard to work here because I never worked so hard in my life to be honest but it’s been a great experience, I’ve learned a lot and now I’m a barista. I work in the National Gallery of Ireland and it’s busy and the floor is huge so there’s a lot of work to do.”


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