Dublin\’s Best English School is looking for Dublin\’s Best Director of Studies

We are on the lookout for a new Director of Studies and we think it might be you. These are exciting times at City Language School and we have an exciting future ahead of us. We are hoping to grow and we hope that you might like to grow with us.

Many of the people you will be working with have worked with us for years. There\’s a simple reason for that – it\’s great. If you are outgoing and friendly while at the same time diligent and a stickler for detail then we really would like to talk to you.

You can apply for the job through this link… https://www.indeedjobs.com/oscars-international-dublin/_hl/en_IE?cpref=JXWAtnzf3XWjLOi4YeVNLnsfzg9-fxtS7ul4s1PtNoI

…but sure before you go off to some other site, why not just read a few things that we are looking for below and then maybe visit our Facebook and/or Instagram pages to suss the place out.

Here\’s what we are looking for. Best of luck!

General Duties 

  • Planning, advertising and interviewing teachers in order to fully meet the demands of the school timetable
  • Ensuring the quality of teaching and instruction meets with the school ethos of Academic Excellence at all times
  • To maintain the standards of the academic area at all times
  • Ensuring that students satisfaction with the academic programme exceeds high expectations
  • Dealing with student complaints on academic matters as directed by the Centre Manager
  • Representing the school to ACELS and other QA bodies in conjunction with the Centre Manager
  • Ensuring academic enquiries are dealt with appropriately.
  • Timetabling all students in the Dublin school within the agreed budgets
  • To hold regular staff meetings and ensure staff attendance.
  • To ensure all staff maintain current academic policies and practices put into place by the Academic Director and conduct regular reviews
  • Understand the need to keep sensitive information confidential and demonstrate confidentiality
  • To refer all commercial decisions to the Centre Manager
  • Responsibility for reporting and maintaining on all statutory requirements and compliance
  • Maintaining class sizes in line with statutory and budgeting policies
  • Course Development
  • To develop and improve the academic provision of the school
  • To provide feedback to the Academic Director in the review and development of curriculum
  • To liaise with Sales in developing new programmes
  • To forecast future arrivals and ensure sufficient staffing and resources are in place
  • Ensure academic resources and materials are maintained and fit for purpose

Teacher Development 

  • Consult with the Academic Director in the delivery of the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programme for teachers
  • Induction of new teachers and regular reviews of Core Teaching staff
  • Advice and support on teaching matters as required
  • Keeping accurate records of teachers absences and punctuality
  • To ensure that the teachers complete all the necessary administration pertaining to lessons, registers and time sheets for example
  • To routinely undertake a programme of quality focused and developmental focused observations, with the support of the Academic Director
  • Receiving and acting on regular feedback from teachers and students
  • Ensuring that teachers are informed of recent developments in EFL

Job Type / Category

  • The Director of Studies for City Language School Dublin will be responsible for recruitment and management of the teaching team, the delivery of all academic programmes and the quality of the academic service provided to all students.
  • The Director of Studies works closely with the Centre Manager and Group Academic Director; excellent communication skills are essential.
  • This role would suit a proven leader with a strong track record in the TEFL industry.

Required Education, Skills and Qualifications

  • 5 Years continuous experience in the EFL industry (as per statutory requirements)
  • Primary Degree (Min Level 7)
  • Masters in Linguistics/Applied Linguistics/English Language teaching
  • Minimum two years previous experience in a management role.