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Cynthia Gonpin enters Oscars Friday Quiz Hall of Fame

Friday Quiz Hall of Fame

Every Friday afternoon at 12.30, City Language School hosts its weekly quiz. The quiz is based on material that is posted each week to our social media channels by our resident #GrammarGuru. The legendary #GrammarGuru examines everything from pronunciation to collocations, from phrasal verbs to brand new words and anything that arises from the questions that students might have about the English Language.

The public health crisis has not deterred our valiant quizzers who turn up every week and take on the questions posed by the #GrammarGuru online. With the help of Kahoot, the weekly quiz continues and we are happy to say that the weekly prize of a lunch voucher is part of the package.

There have been many fantastic quizzers but only three have made it into our Hall of Fame.

Ana Karen Robeldo Chavez

Who can forget the inimitable Ana Karen Robeldo Chavez, the quiet quizzer with the brain the size of Mexico. Nobody can really remember for sure how many title she took home with her but we know for sure that it was well over three. Nobody was ever jealous though as Ana was such a lovely person that we were always happy when she won.


Around the same time a force came out of Turkey and laid his stamp on the weekly quiz. Berk was another silent but devastatingly clever quizzer. There were often arguments over who would end up on his team because if you played with him you won. Berk was champ on at least four occasions and his portrait sits proudly alongside Ana\’s in our Hall of Fame.


Cynthia Gonpin

Since the weekly quiz has moved to Kahoot, Cynthia has ruled the roost. Others have come close on many occasions but it is Cynthia\’s decisiveness and speed that really gives her the upper hand when it comes to playing online. In the last week of April 2020, she entered the Hall of Fame after winning her third Friday Quiz. One week later, she came back and won it again.

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