Study & Travel

No. of Lesson per week: 20 (minimum 15 hours)

Study & Travel (Non-EU)

Study & Travel is a unique programme delivered in Ireland. It allows NON EU students to study in Ireland, work part-time and gives them access to the rest of Europe off just one visa.

At City Language School we are happy to assist you with CV preparation, job search and interview techniques.

As part of your stay, you have the ability to work part-time (20 hours per week) during course time and full-time (40 hours per week) during designated period (June to September & Mid-December to Mid-January).

For 2023 the beginner start dates are July 3rd, September 18th.

For 2024 the beginner start dates are March 4th, July 8th and September 16th.

Three routes available:

1) General Route (20 lessons AM or PM/week): 25 weeks of General English plus TIE exam
2) Academic Route (20 lessons AM/ week): 13 weeks of General English + 12 weeks of IELTS preparation plus IELTS Exam*
3) Academic Route Intensive (25 or 30 lessons AM/week) 25 weeks of General English + 5 or 10 lessons/week of IELTS preparation plus IELTS exam*
4) Business Route (20 lessons AM/week): 13 weeks of General English + 12 weeks of Business English plus BEC Exam*
NOTES: IRP fee and exam fees not included in tuition fee/ *Minimum Intermediate Level for Academic and Business Routes.

Required English Level:

  • Intermediate (lower levels available on request)


According to the new ILEP reforms announced this year, all students presenting for registration will now have 8 months visa”

To recap the main points of the ILEP programmes as opposed to the old IR programmes:

  • Students must maintain 85% attendance with a far bigger onus on the school to report and suspend poor attendance
  • Students will receive an 8 month visa: 6 months of studies (25 weeks) and 2 months of holidays
  • There will be no holiday during course time: students study for 6 months and vacation for 2 months.
  • Regardless of when they arrive or start their course, students may only work full-time during the following periods: June to September, inclusive; December 15-Jan 15, inclusive. This means students can study full-time (15 hours p/week) and work full-time (40 hours p/week) during these periods. During all other periods, students may only work 20 hours per week
  • All students looking to renew their visa (there is a maximum of three Study & Travel visas) must have 85% attendance and have completed their IELTS exam
  • During study time students on Study & Travel visa are allowed to work 20h/week and during designated period of time (June to September as well as 15th Dec- 15th January) students are allowed to work 40h/week full time. The holidays time is only granted up completion of 6 months study.


In the past, students were required by Irish immigration to produce an Irish bank statement showing proof that they had access to €3000, as required to register on a Stamp 2 visa. However, recently Immigration have made it easier to prove access to funds, and students no longer require a bank account prior to registering with GNIB. The following methods are now all acceptable as proof, at GNIB registration, of access to the required €3000.

  • A statement in respect of an Irish bank account showing sufficient funds, where the student can open an Irish bank account
  • A current foreign bank statement not less than one month old, together with a past statement, for an account in the student’s name (as in his or her passport) accompanied by a debit card in the same name and same bank account
  • Documentary evidence that money is held in trust for a student by a financial services body regulated in Ireland by the Central Bank of Ireland
  • A pre-paid credit or debit card(s) with a verification of the amount(s) in credit.

As part of their visa requirements, all students must take the designated end-of-course exam. It is the responsibility of the school to register students for this exam.

Students must have paid for the external exam prior to attendance at their GNIB appointment for the purposes of registering with Immigration. Any student who has not paid for the external exam will not be provided with Letters of Enrolment for use at Immigration (GNIB registration). Students should check with their agency prior to commencing the programme on whether the exam fee is included in their costs or will have to be paid separately on arrival at the school.

External Exam fee for Study & Travel students is:

TIE – €130

IELTS & BEC – €205