High School Programme

With Ashfield College

Ashfield College, Dundrum

Whether your goal is to study medicine or to help you gain a place on the perfect higher education course in the future, Ashfield College provides the teaching expertise and resources to support your pathway to Universities in Ireland and the UK.

Location: Dundrum Town Centre, Dublin, Ireland

Age Range: 16-18 years

Entry Level: IELTS Level 6

Hours per Week: 35+ hours

Subjects*: English, Maths, German, Spanish, French, Applied Maths, History, Geography, Business, Economics, Accounting, Home Economics, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Music, Agricultural Science, Classical Studies and more

Note: Students are required to take examinations on 7 subjects: Maths & English are compulsory, the other 5 subjects can be chosen upon booking

Benefits: Renowned study manuals, daily supervised study with distraction-free environment, continuous assessment & examinations, one-on-one career guidance counselling, free seminars and more

Extra services: Ashfield Express Bus Service, Guardianship, Homestay Accommodation, Fitness gym, soccer tournaments, basketball competitions, yoga classes, Music and Drama, weekend Excursions and more