Developing Language Teaching and Learning Skills

Aimed at secondary level language teachers

This course is aimed at secondary level language teachers who wish to expand and develop their language teaching skills and the language competencies of their students.

Duration: 2 weeks (28 lessons- 21 hours p/w + Cultural Programme)

Pre-course assessment of language level & needs analysis, certificate of completion, and follow-up support included.

The course covers theory and practice in language teaching and learning, developing the four language skills, fresh approaches to lexis and language analysis, teaching pronunciation, using technology in the classroom, language games and activities and integrated skills. It provides participants with a critical framework to assess common approaches to language learning and teaching as well as providing fresh and effective strategies for the classroom with plenty of opportunities to share experiences with colleagues. There is a strong focus on promoting teacher and learner autonomy throughout the course. While most of the course contents can be applied to teaching any language, a minimum level of B2 in English is required to participate in this course.

  • Provide participants with a background to and a framework for understanding and assessing current language teaching theory and methodology.
  • Provide participants with effective strategies for developing the four language skills.
  • Promote a framework for integrating language skills.
  • Raise awareness of fresh approaches to exploring vocabulary and grammar.
  • Explore engaging ways of teaching pronunciation.
  • Explore useful online tools for teachers and learners.
  • Present engaging language learning games and activities.
  • Develop language skills of participants.
  • Review of theory and practice in language learning and teaching.
  • Developing speaking skills and promoting use of L2 in the classroom.
  • Developing listening skills.
  • Developing effective reading skills and strategies.
  • Developing writing skills in an interactive environment.
  • Making sense of English pronunciation.
  • Using the arts to develop integrated skills.
  • Useful web tools for teachers and learners.
  • Language games and activities in the classroom.
  • Lesson planning and designing your own activities.

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