21st Century Education – Reimagining our Schools

Aimed at primary/secondary level teachers & principals

This course is aimed at primary and secondary level teachers and principals who wish to increase and expand their own 21st century skills as well as those of their students.

Duration: 1 week (28 lessons- 21 hours p/w + Cultural Programme)

Pre-course assessment of language level & needs analysis, certificate of completion, and follow-up support included.

The course covers theory and practice in education, a range of 21st century skills, global and environmental issues, critical thinking skills, ICT and media literacy, collaborative learning and learner autonomy. It provides participants with a toolbox to develop these skills across a range of subjects and opportunities to share experiences with colleagues. A minimum level of B2 in English is required for this course.

  • Provide participants with a background to and a framework for assessing current pedagogical approaches.
  • Develop 21st century skills of teachers and learners for a range of subjects.
  • Promote responsible citizenship.
  • Raise awareness of global issues and their impact on our schools.
  • Provide a series of effective learning strategies for learners.
  • Provide a critical framework for using technology in our schools.
  • Develop language skills of participants.
  • Review of theory and practice in modern education and its impact on 21st century teaching.
  • What are 21st century skills?
  • Developing critical thinking skills through media literacy.
  • Responsible citizenship and interculturality.
  • Autonomous education across the globe.
  • Reflective teaching practice and autonomous teaching.
  • Sowing sustainability in school gardens.

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