7 students tell us about their time City Language School

At City Language School we love the positive feedback that we get from our students. From time to time they sit down with us and talk to us about their time at the school. They have told us of the times we have helped them out, the friendships they have made at the school and the small things that might not mean so much to us but mean a lot to them. Our students have also helped us to grow and improve over time and working with them to make the experience at City Langauge School the best it can be is what we strive for.

Over the last few weeks and months, we have sat down and spoken to may great people from all over the world and today we wanted to thank them for their kind feedback and show you the things they loved about being here at our city centre campus in Dublin.

Maysa from San Paulo in Brazil

City Language School Dublin

\”During the pandemic I was working in a health store and so my English really improved because I was doing the course and using my English all the time. After my first term, Róisín suggested I sign up for the Business English class. At that time, it was the only school that offered this type of course. That class was very very good. The way Barry explains things and uses things from outside the classroom was great. It not just from the book or just focussing on Business vocabulary, it’s much broader than that.”


Zelcy from Mexico

“For me City Language School is more like a family. I have been in other schools but for me this school is so far the best. The teachers in this school are really friendly. They are so nice and helpful. You can come to them when you have doubts and they are going to help you without a problem.”

Maria Jose Tapia from Bolivia

“When you are in the school, you realise that there are lots of other [shorter] classes that are amazing becasue they not only help you to improve but also to connect with people.”

“The staff was always gentle and willing to help. Roisin was always there and all the girls in the adminstration are there to help you. So you feel you are not alone.”


Facundo from Uruguay

City Language School
Facundo in the Iveagh Gardens

“I have worked with Luca and Sophia. They have been great. Both of them wonderful and they always try to find new ways to help us learn, especially when it comes to grammar. When you hear the word grammar, you think ‘Oh God’ but they make it fun and interesting. The classmates are also great. They come form everywhere. Mexico, Spain, Brazil, Chile and I’m sure I have forgotten some places.”


Rodrigo from Spain

“One of the things that attracted me to Dublin at first was that Dublin people like to help you. I remember one time I didn’t have the right charger for my phone and I went to a shop and he gave me the charger for free. They try to help you all the time. I like the parks and I like the beer too.”


Burcu from Turkey

“I think the most important thing though is that you feel very comfortable. You study English but at the same time you have fun, you meet new people from different countries so you learn a lot about life and become very open-minded and more mature. We didn’t just talk about English (speaking) cultures.”


Salomé from France (English PLUS Work Placement Course)

Salomé in class with Sophia

“I wanted to mix classes with work because I wanted to do a little bit of class just to make sure of things and learn new things. But I think working and being in real life situations, helps improve your English even more. You’re with real people. So, for example, in Ireland there are different accents that you have to get used to, there’s slang and there are different ways of saying things that are not typical [of standard] English.”


City Language School Dublin

City Language School is right in the heart of Dublin City Centre. Dublin is the proud and vibrant capital of Ireland and with its cosmopolitan and modern feel, it has repeatedly been voted Europe’s friendliest city by Trip Advisor. Dublin boasts strong links with literature, music, dance and storytelling. As you walk through the streets of Temple Bar, you can absorb the musical tradition which spills onto the streets from the many bars and restaurants; truly a city of enormous beauty! Dublin is surrounded by breath-taking natural scenery that will leave you with lifelong memories. It is perfectly located on the eastern coastline of Ireland and is a convenient gateway to the rest of Europe.

We are conveniently located in the heart of Dublin on Dame Street, giving you easy access to the whole city of Dublin as well as bus and tram lines for you to get around.