5 Christmas Moments You Could Only See on Irish TV

For most Irish people, Christmas is a wonderful time of the year when we get to catch up and eat up with family and friends. Though it’s cold and sometimes a little wet, it’s also a time of homecomings and feeling warm. It seems we make that special effort to see people we have not seen in a while and it’s a great excuse to show the people we love just how much we care. Often these moments or the spirit of these moments are captured on camera and there are some really memorable recordings of unique traditions and Christmas memories that have made it into the country’s story of itself. Here are just a few that you should probably know about…

The Toyshow

Every year since 1975, RTE’s Late Late Show hosts the famous Toy Show. This programme is so popular that you cannot buy tickets to attend the event. Those who want to be there on the night, have to apply and hope that the lottery picks out their name. The idea is simple. For two hours on a Friday night at the end of November, children sing, dance, tell jokes and tell us all about the toys and books that decorate the studio. The show always throws up some nice surprises such as the one you’ll see here from 2014…

Father Ted

At this stage you have probably seen every episode of Father Ted but there is never any harm in sitting down after Christmas dinner and having another chuckle, particularly at the Christmas Specials. In this snippet, Fr Dougal just can’t control his excitement…

Coming Home

As an island nation, Ireland has a long and not always proud history of emigration. It is very rare to meet anyone from Ireland who has not lived abroad for a prolonged period of time and that was long before Ryanair even existed. Ireland was a poor country and we didn’t really know wealth until the mid-ninties when things slowly began to change.

For that reason many people were forced to live abroad but there was always the understanding that people would try their hardest to make it home for Christmas. Every year the national broadcaster, RTE goes to Dublin Airport on Christmas Eve to meet people who are flying home for the holidays. It is often a poignant piece of television and speaks volumes about the power of family.

This particular piece is from ten years ago and was recorded during the last recession that Ireland.

News reports of Christmas coming to Ireland

Another Christmas Eve tradition is the annual report on the six o’clock news about Santa’s progress as he zips around the world. This has two important functions in Irish society. The first is that it fills children with wonder, awe and the magic of Christmas. Secondly, it gives parents the excuse they need to get the kids to bed as early as possible because if you’re not in bed, Santa won’t come.

Works every time!

The Guinnees Christmas Ad

Only in Ireland would a Guinness ad mean the start of Christmas. I don’t know what it says about us but the fact that this ad is nineteen years old and is still running will tell you how popular it is. Again, it is just one of those pieces of tv that kick off the festive season and a lovely piece of work it is too. Interestingly, there is no Guinness in the ad at all and nobody is having a drink.

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