Some Places to hear Christmas Carols near our City Centre Campus

We know we started early with our Christmas pubs blog and then kept the festive theme going with blogs around markets and shops. Maybe we were a little early with our Christmas cheer but now that it’s Decmber 1st we don’t feel so bad, so let’s keep it going!

This week, we are letting you know about places where you will find some Christmas Carol experiences and events near our city centre campus. In truth, when you come to study with us at City Language School you are so central that you will never be far away from the action and you’re likely to stumble across quite a few Christmas events over the next few weeks. That said, it’s no harm sending you in the right direction . So here are four events that we recommend.

Music @ the Museum: Christmas Concert with Cantóirí, December 14th 2022

The Chester Beatty Library and Museum is only a short hop and skip up the road from our school on Dame Street. This year they are welcoming back the singing group, Cantóirí. The name means singers in Irish and this Dublin choir, just like our school, is made up of people from all over the world. Interestingly, the group will be singing songs from Europe, Latin America and the Far East as well as a selection of old and new home-grown Christmas songs and carols. You can find out more about the event right here.

Grafton Street & Abbey Street, All of December

Christmas Caroling on Grafton Street and Abbey Street is a long and well-worn tradition. Throughout the month, you will come across groups of volunteers who have donned their Christmas jumpers, taken to the streets and are singing their hearts out for charity. There will be people with them singing and shaking their buckets along to the rhythm of the music. If you feel like it, you can contribute a little bit for those people who are less well off.

Students from City Language School singing near Abbey Street back in 2019

Grafton Street with Bono and Friends, December 24th

Bono and The Edge near Grafton Street

You need to keep your ear to the ground for this one. At around lunchtime every Christmas Eve rumours start spreading around Dublin that Bono is on his way to the city centre to join a few friends for a sing-song. For the rest of the afternoon there is a game of rumour tennis as some people say he isn’t and others say he is. Inevitably, he shows up along with the likes of Glen Hansard, Declan O’Rourke, Lisa Hannigan and a fine crew of singers. If you’re hanging out on Christmas Eve, your best bet is to stay around the Stephen’s Green end of Grafton Street and you’ll have a good chance of spotting them…well hearing them anyway.

Gloria, Home for Christmas, St Andrew’s Church, Westland Row, Dublin 2

So we know this one isn’t free but when you find out that our very own John Kelleher and his crew of performers star at this event, you’ll agree that it’s worth the ticket. Better still it’s on the 16th Decmeber, the last day of classes before the crimbo.

“It’s €20 per head,” says John, “which is less than going to the cinema with popcorn.”

Not sure what kind of cinemas John is going to but there you go. Well worth going along to and it promises to be colourful.

The choir are also doing some free charity gigs over Christmas. The first one takes place this Saturday in the Phoenix Park Visitor’s Centre, followed by another gig on Sunday the 11th at the Christmas Market in Dublin Castle.

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