Christian Zabini – a Group Leader from Austria about his stay in Dublin

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In early September, City Language School Dublin had the pleasure of hosting a group of students from one of Europe’s biggest second-level schools. Fifteen pupils from the Technical College in Mödling, Austria visited us at our city centre campus in Dame Street for a week of English Language Learning and cultural experience.
On Thursday, we had the chance to sit down and have a coffee with group leader, Christian Zabini.

Hello Christian, can you tell me a bit about yourself?
I teach at the Higher Technical School in Mödling, Austria. I think it’s the biggest school in Europe actually. It has something like 3,500 students. It is just south of Vienna and the students are from about 15 to 19 years of age. But most of the students with us here in Dublin are about 17 to 19.

Is this your first time in Dublin?
It is my third time in Dublin but my first time with Oscars.

Why did you decide to come to Dublin?
Well, I think that for example, London is a place they will visit at some stage in their life, you know, independently, whereas Dublin they might not.

So how has it gone so far?
When I suggested Dublin to them at first they were ‘oh no, Dublin is boring’. I asked them if they had ever been and they, of course, said ‘no’. So I said why not try and I think they have been pleasantly surprised. There is quite a lot to do here really and most of them have come to me and said they are enjoying their time here.

How has the school been?
I think in Ireland things, if I can say, sometimes seem a little chaotic but everyone has been very helpful and anytime I have asked for something they have been able to help me. Also the teachers, really have been very good, that is what my students tell me. You know they are in their classrooms every morning for three hours, so it is important that the lessons are interesting for them and they have told me they are and they are doing lots of activities in the class. So I think this is great because they have kept the students interested.

What sorts of things have you done outside of the school? Have you visited many places?
We went to see Kilmainham Jail and this was interesting but the tour was a little too detailed maybe for my age group but OK it was interesting.
Yesterday we went to see the Jeanie Johnson and that was nice. But after this, it was really lovely to see around the new Docklands area and our guide, Chris, was very good at telling us all the stories about the area and showing us where Facebook headquarters is and so on. This was something that was really nice for them and it was I think something a little different.

We hope to see Christian and his group back in Dublin one day!