Charles feels like a French Prince at City Language School

24-year-old Charles Vanoverschelde is from Lille in France. Charles came to Dublin in September 2018 and stayed with us here at City Language School for eight weeks. We were delighted to have him with us and he will be missed by everyone at the school and in particular his host mother, Breda Fitzsimons. Before he left, we sat down with Charles to ask him about his time in Ireland and his reasons for coming in the first place.

Why did you decide to come to study English in Ireland?

The first reason, I met Irish people in France during the Euros, two years ago because played a match in Lille. I talked a lot with them and they were very friendly. So later when I wanted to improve my English, I was thinking about a country and England is a bit more difficult because you need to change the money and there are more documents. But at the same time I wanted to be close to home because it would cheap o get to and also so my family and friends could come and visit me.

Where do you live in Dublin?

I live in Churchtown in Dublin 14. It’s good because it is near the LUAS and it’s safe. I stayed with a host family, Breda Fitzsimons and it worked out great. She is very friendly.

Did you enjoy City Language School?

I had a good teacher and all the people in the school were very friendly. If I had any questions they answer you no problem. And when I came here my English was bad and I didn\’t understand anything and people needed to repeat some things but there was no problem. He did this and it was good. The teacher was very interactive.

Is there lots of different nationalities at City Language School?

In my first two weeks, there was one guy from Belgium who speaks French but we didn’t speak French in class at all. There were Italians, Turkish and some Brazilians too.

Is Dublin a good city?

I like Dublin. The first reason, the Irish people are very friendly. It’s a good city. You can go in thirty minutes be in the countryside with beautiful landscapes or somewhere like Bray, which is beautiful too. It has lots of pubs and restaurants, you can go out. You can find everything in Dublin.