To celebrate our 6th Birthday we are offering 6% discount all week & there\’s more…

To celebrate our birthday we are offering a 6% discount to anyone who books classes with us this week through our website (Terms & conditions at the bottom of this post)

Six years ago today City Language School (then known as Malvern House Dublin) opened its doors for the first time. With just one student, one centre and three staff, the school in Dame Street, central Dublin, began its journey into the unknown with a will to succeed and of course a very high level of English language knowledge.

By the end of last summer 2017, City Language School had over 150 staff across 11 centres in four countries.

We have welcomed in excess of 35,000 students through our doors since opening. We have taught countless hours of English and hosted many more hours of social events, seminars, competitions and orientation tours.

\”When we opened the goal was to have a place that people could come to learn English but more than anything have a good time,\” says Will Dowling, CEO. \”We wanted to create a type of sanctuary in Dublin; a place where people could come and feel comfortable and welcome. I think we\’ve achieved that over the last six years and I look forward to doing even more over the next six.\”

Chatting in our upstairs café

Academic Director, Aidan O\’Shea is one of many staff who have stayed and grown with the school from the early days.

\”For me the great thing about the past six years is to see the progress that staff have made throughout Oscars,\” he says. \”I started as Director of Studies for the Dublin School and am now Academic Director for the Group. Our Bookings Manager and Sales Executive are both former Receptionists. One of our former students creates our apps. Our social media guy, Johnny was a popular teacher here for a long time. Emma our Online Academy Manager is also with us from very close to the start. So there\’s a loyalty there and that comes from the ethos of the school.\”

As well as our team in Dublin, City Language School has been able to attract great talent from all over the world. With staff in London, Mexico, Brussels, Spain, Moscow and San Paulo and of course Cyprus we have people covering most parts of the world all working to bring you the best learning and travelling experience possible.

Like any six-year-old, we ask plenty of questions. We still have a lot to learn but we’re growing and developing all the time. If you were with us in the past we\’d like to thank you for your part in our story. We hope you had a great time in Ireland with us. If you are with us now, we hope you\’re having fun. And if you\’re coming in the future, we can\’t wait to meeting you.

Certifiably fantastic students

To celebrate our birthday we are offering a 6% discount to anyone who books classes with us this week through our website

Terms & Conditions: This discount applies to adult courses only and NOT Oscars Juniors courses. This offer does not combine with other discounts. Students are welcome to join any Monday (any start date in 2018)

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