Catherine\’s tips on Books and her all time favourite movie

Catherine Berglund McLaughlin has been teaching with us at City Language School for over a year. She and her family moved to Dublin from Seattle in the United States back in 2019. Our favourite Canadian (she\’s even ahead of Justin Trudeau and Leonard Cohen!), Catherine has lived and taught in Spain, the United States as well as the beautiful Vancouver.

We were lucky enough to get to sit down with her over Zoom and find out about her favourite movies and how she thinks English Language students might approach choosing a new book.

Catherine on Books

\”I think the important thing about books is choosing a book that\’s interesting to you,\” she says.

\”It\’s important not to get stuck with one someone else assigned.  The best books are ones written for native speakers, but those can be very hard for students.  If you can find a book in your mother tongue and the same book in English, you can try reading them concurrently.\”

\”It\’s also interesting to see the choices the translators have made.  Also, don\’t be afraid of non-fiction.  Sometimes learning something true while you read can be more engaging than just digesting a fictional story.\”

Catherine\’s Favourite Movie

\”My favourite film of all time is an Australian war movie called \”Gallipoli.\” It\’s fictional, but takes place during World War I, and the characters are very realistic.\”  

\”The cinematography is astounding, so I recommend you watch it on the big screen if you ever have the chance.\”  

\”There are very clearly three acts (Western Australia, training in Egypt, and fighting in Turkey) and you come away from it with a greater understanding of the travesty of war.\”

\”It was written by David Williamson, who is one of Australia\’s best playwrights.  It stars a young and very handsome Mel Gibson, so there\’s that too.  Although it\’s very serious, there are many lighthearted, comical moments, just like in real life.  I don\’t normally watch war movies at all, yet this is my favourite film ever.\”

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