Dame Street Cambridge Exam Centre

Earlier this year City Language School Dame Street, Dublin became an official Cambridge English Language Assessment Centre. The centre offers four exams to both EU nationals non-EU nationals.

  1. Preliminary English Test (PET)
  2. First Certificate in English (FCE)
  3. Cambridge Advanced Exam (CAE)
  4. Business English Certificate (BEC)

\”There are a range of exam types to choose from,\” says Flavia Reno, Centre Director. \”But we felt overall Cambridge was the best one. It\’s a well-known exam; employers, universities, governments around the world recognise Cambridge and it’s a real plus to have on your CV. It’s something to aim for and if you do well it looks good. If you don’t do well that’s OK too but we try to encourage students. We want students leaving here with a sense that they have achieved something and because Cambridge has these different exams and certs it accommodates students at different levels. That\’s what we really liked about it. The other thing about Cambridge is, once you have it\’s with you for life.\”

As part of the preparation for the exams, Oscars provides extra lessons on most of their long-term their courses. Once a week, students can attend a 45-minute class where they learn about exam technique and the style of questions they are likely to encounter during the exam.
\”Students learn the mechanics of the exam,\” says Flavia. \”I should say though that we also encourage students to talk to their teachers in their regular classes about the exam. It\’s been hard work setting the centre up. But it\’s rewarding seeing so many people signing up and so many students who want to push themselves to do as well as they can.\”

What is the PET test like?
The test has three sections:
Reading Writing are taken together – 90 minutes
Listening – 30 minutes
Speaking – an interview, 10 minutes
What is the FCE test like?
The test has four sections:
Reading & Use of English -75 minutes
Writing – 2 essays, 80 minutes
Listening – 40 minutes
Speaking – interview, normally with another candidate, 14 minutes
What is the CAE test like?
The test has four sections:
Reading & Use of English – 90 minutes
Writing – 2 tasks , 90 minutes
Listening – 40 minutes, 30 questions
Speaking – interview, normally with another candidate, 15 minutes

chart*Please note that Oscars does not currently provide exams in Cambridge Key