Business English Makes the Difference for Antonella

Antonella Boschiero, a senior accountant from Uruguay, arrived in Dublin in March 2023. She spent four months attending our Business English classes at City Language School’s city centre campus.

Antonella holds her certificate on her final in our Business English class at City Language School

“Coming to Dublin was something I decided together with my best friend,” she says. “I think that we chose Dublin because it was something 100% new and challenging. I studied English in USA in 2013.”

As part of the challenge, Antonella wanted to take on a new approach to learning English. Back home she had studied General English for many years and though she had moved on and passed the Cambridge Business Exam, she felt the need to study what she calls “real life English”. 

“Those courses didn’t give me the necessary things for working and living in English and now I’m at a stage of my professional career that Business English is what makes the difference.”

The fact that City Language School could offer her Business English classes was the deciding factor in Antonella’s coming to our city centre campus.  

“The classes were really enjoyable,” she says. “Firstly, as I am an accountant, I found almost all the topics very interesting. Secondly, what also made the classes useful was that we were learning business vocabulary and concepts at the same time that we were practicing and improving our pronunciation, writing and listening. I believe that sometimes, when you are focussed on learning something, for example, in this case, business, you forget about “general” things, but in this course, Barry always pushed us to keep these things in mind. Barry is an excellent teacher. He is keen on knowing each student and helping us to improve our English.”