Animal Lovers Can \’Go Wild\’ at our Moulton Summer Camp

As I speak to Stephen Buswell he is looking out from a classroom on to our Moulton Campus.

\”I\’m in the English countryside, and the students we have here this week are really enjoying it,\” he says. \”This classroom even looks out over a small farm and there\’s a delightful country village nearby.\”

The Best Summer Camp for Animal Lovers

The small farm that Stephen mentions is an important part of our unique offering at Moulton. No other English Language camp offers an Animal Welfare Course like ours.


“This is proving popular with summer camp students here in Moulton,\” says Stephen. \”We offer students the opportunity to work with animals such as llamas, meerkats and goats. We have horse stables and we have some reptiles too. As part of this course we pay a visit to a veterinary surgery and there\’s a general handling session. But don\’t worry you will still get to go and see London and do other tours as well. But you will be very busy.”


Stephen has been an Oscars Activity leader for three years now and has worked from this wonderful campus near Northampton many times. When I speak to him, he is coming to the end of week long assignment with seventeen teenagers from Uzbekistan.

Central Location

\”Moulton is one of the few campuses that is open all year round,\” he says. \”So we can really cater to what groups want off-season and during the summer. The group we have now have designed their own itinerary. So they have classes in the morning and they go and visit places in the afternoon. They’ve taken a walking tour of Oxford and then Cambridge. They\’ve gone to the National Space Centre. And on Saturday they’re going to visit the Harry Potter Museum and Madame Tussard\’s during a full day tour of London.”

Moulton’s central location makes it a great base to visit the aforementioned locations and group leaders can vary their itinerary accordingly. Most groups spend a day in the historic city of Northampton just 5 kilometres away and end up going back again to visit its historic churches and soak up its atmosphere.

Great for Group Leaders

The nearby Moulton village boasts a couple of typical English pubs, including The Telegraph Inn, which serves up decent pub grub and good English ale, all of which can be enjoyed in their expansive beer garden – a nice place for group leaders to relax at the end of a long summer’s day.

Top Quality Sport and Accommodation

But Moulton\’s greatest asset is quite possibly its outstanding campus. Moulton boasts state-of-the-art sports facilities including indoor basketball courts and a twenty-five metre swimming pool.


There are tennis courts, volleyball courts and both artificial and grass football pitches. Being

Northampton there is of course also rugby- a favourite game of the locals. This makes an obvious place to offer our Sport Experience with qualified coaches and trips to local stadiums.

\”Our summer camps have been growing here at Moulton year on year,\” says City Language School Principal, Aidan O\’Shea. \”They recently revamped the accommodation and there’s a new canteen. All the classrooms have great IT facilities. We have twin rooms en suite and we can cater to up to-two hundred students at a time.\”

It is an experience you and your friends will remember forever.

Why not come and visit?