Course in Dublin

Andre on course in Dublin

28-year-old Andre from Belo Horizonte in Brazil came to City Language School early in 2019. Last week, we sat down and had a chat with him about his time in the Ireland and his English course in Dublin.

Why did you choose Dublin to study English?

I have a lot of friends all over the world. I have friends in Australia, in the USA and in Europe and I just had a short chat with each one and I chose Dublin because friends told me that the people here were friendly. And now that I am here I find out that it is true. Irish people are amazing and it is part of Europe too.

Course in Dublin

Are you working here?

I work in a Thai restaurant in Deansgrange. I live in Knocklyon in a house share, the same place since I first came here.

Tell me a little bit about Oscars

I was on another course before I came here at Arena. It was a great school but I decided to try a new school and I talked to some friends here who had been at Oscars for a while and they told me it was a good school.

When I started here I liked the structure but it took me a while to get used to the new teachers and it was difficult for me when I came here.

But then I started the course with Fernanda and she is amazing, an amazing professional really patient. Sometimes people ask her three, four five times and she explains it very well in different ways. She is really professional. Fernanda is really really good and everyone in my class says that. And Chantelle is also another fantastic teacher. She is really amazing. 

I have some friends who ask about me about Oscars because they have to renew and now I can tell them you should renew with Oscars.