Alice in Wonderland at City Language School

Alice Marchiadi from Merano in Italy came to Dublin in September on a work and study programme. She spent four weeks with us at our English Language School in Dublin and she will soon start her new job in an Italian restaurant in the city centre.

Why choose Dublin to study English?

The agency I booked with had the possibility of coming to Dublin or England. There was also Malta but I wanted to come to somewhere more authentic. I came with a programme that also had work. The London option had the school in London but the work was in the north of England so I prefer to come to a capital.

Are the teachers good at City Language School?

I was here for four weeks and now I am finished. I really liked the lessons. James is a really good teacher and I learned a lot. We did a lot of work around idioms and phrasal verbs which you use a lot in English and they are really useful. There was a good mix and everybody was speaking English because the level was quite high I think.

Ranelagh is close to City Language School and the city centre

Do you like Dublin?

Yes I like Dublin. When I was booking it I thought it was a little bigger but the centre is quite small. I live in Ranelagh in Dublin 6. I found the room through classmates here at Oscars. It’s a very nice part of the city.

Find out more about City Language School in this three minute video…