7 steps to St. Valentine\’s Heaven in Dublin

It is only a week away. So it\’s time to get planning if you want to make it a Valentine\’s Day to remember. We are a romantic lot at City Language School and here are some ideas for you to make this Valentine\’s Day a unique one.


Visit St Valentine himself

Yep it’s no joke. The bones of St Valentine came to Dublin in 1836 and they have been here ever since. You can visit the Shrine of St. Valentine at Whitefriar Street Church in Dublin 2. This is about a five minute walk from City Language School. St. Valentine was a priest who was executed in Italy in the 3rd century for marrying soldiers. For his defence of love he has been known as the protector of love ever since and for over 150 years people in Dublin have come to him to ask for his guidance in all things amorous.

The Shrine to St. Valentine is close to City Language School


Take your love down a lane

Love Lane in Temple Bar is a narrow alleyway dedicated to love! Made up of a combination of handmade decorated tiles and stenciled spray painted sections, the various tiles contain quotes about love inspired by music and poetry. It’s a little bit grubby now but there are nice coffee shops and bars nearby where you can sit down and have a drink afterwards. Again this is only a short stroll from City Language School.

FullSizeRender (86)


Bewley’s Cafe

Every Dubliner is delighted to see this old café on Grafton St. open again. It’s a little expensive but the cake and coffee is heavenly. It might take a while to get a seat but once you’re in, you can stay for hours and enjoy the stained glass windows which were designed by Harry Clarke, one of the country’s greatest and most unique artists. The cherry buns are a must. If you feel like something a little stronger, we\’d suggest you get to a nice cosy pub, find a snug and spend the afternoon, gazing into each other\’s eyes. Grogan\’s on William St. is always popular with couples and you could always try the snug in Kehoe\’s Anne St. South.


One of the snugs in Kehoe\'s


The Iveagh Gardens

Dublin is full of parks but not everyone is aware of the pristine and often empty Iveagh Gardens just off Harcourt Street. The gardens are surrounded by a high wall and can be a little difficult to find but on a nice Spring day there is nowhere better in Dublin to hang out with your favourite person.


Ha’Penny Bridge

It seems that every city now has a bridge where people attach lockets as a sign of their undying love for one another. Dublin’s newly anointed ‘love bridge’ is the windswept Ha’Penny Bridge over the River Liffey. It’s often so cold that you will be guaranteed a snuggle after spending even a short time there.



Go to the movies

But not just any movie theatre, get yourself and your better-half to the Stella in Rathmines, if you can. The Stella is one of Dublin’s most famous cinemas. For a long time it was closed but last year it was lovingly refurbished to look like an old style movie theatre and opened again just before Christmas. They serve cocktails and there is a huge amount of room to sit back and enjoy the big screen entertainment.

Romance in the new \'old\' cinema

Get out for a walk

Dun Laoghaire pier in South Dublin is only a train ride away and if you haven’t much time that’s the place to go for a romantic walk by the sea. If you want to go further, why not try to get to Wicklow. Jump on a bus to Glendalough and spend the day in the beautiful countryside. Powerscourt Waterfall is another beautiful place to spend an hour or two and a great place to make a proposal: “Let’s get a pint”.

Powerscourt Waterfall is not far from Dublin