7 Reasons you really should study in Dublin, according to our students

Dublin is the best capital city in the world in which to study English. At City Language School, we already know the reasons but in this week\’s blog, we thought we\’d let our students tell you.

It’s special

“I think there is something special about Dublin, the atmosphere. I have the impression that people are happy. There are lots of people from around the world and I really like that in a city, cosmopolitan. I wanted to discover something new and I thought it was a good idea and it was a good idea. I really liked the architecture. My mother came with my sister and we went to Galway and the Cliffs of Moher so I tried to travel as much as possible and I really liked a lot of things. There was a lot of people in the streets and in the first week I was really shocked by that because you don’t get that in Marseilles but I felt really secure here.”

Mathilde Outman from Marseilles in the south of France is 19-years-old spent three months in our Dublin Campus. You can read more about her experience here.

Mathilde (centre) says Dublin is special


It’s Friendly

“The people are friendly. I would recommend this experience. It’s a small country but your heart is big. It’s possible to talk with people on the street. People are polite and will help you. It’s good for other cultures. It’s a happy place.”

Claudia Rada from Bolivia has been in Dublin for over a year and has renewed with City Language School. You can read more about her experience here.

“It seems Irish people are very hospitable people, the hospitality is unbelievable. People are very helpful. In the street you can stop any stranger and you will be explained and shown everything. And this flavour of Ireland, if I can put it like that, is nice and sweet and fresh and I think it’s beautiful, I think Ireland is beautiful.”

Tamara was a group leader from Russia who came with a class of students. You can read more about her experience at City Language School here.


It’s Cosmopolitan

“I am very lucky in my class. The mix is fantastic. There are students from Belgium, France, Brazil, Korea and there are some Mexicans too so it is nice and it’s interesting when the teacher asks us to make a presentation about our countries and you learn about different preferences and food. We hang out a lot in the student area in the afternoons.”

Ana Pamela in St Stephens Green

Ana Pamela from Mexico has been studying at City Language School since late 2017. You can read more about her time in Ireland here.


You can work

“It was actually easy for me. I found a job in one week. Everyday I dropped my CVs in to places. I think I dropped in about 40 CVs. It took me five days. I got four interviews [in different places]. I had one interview with KFC. It was in the morning. I got the job in the afternoon and I started my training that evening.”

Mariana from Mexico studies at City Language School. You can find out more about finding a job in Dublin here.


It’s lively but safe

“Dublin is amazing. It’s lively too which is good for me and it’s safe too. One of the reasons that I came here is because of the safety.”

Jesse from Brazil spent six months at City Language School. You can read more about his time in Dublin here.


It\’s easy to get around

\”I think that if you are looking for a school or a city to study, I think Dublin is your city because it’s a small city, it’s very nice to visit the city, you can do all, you don’t need to take the bus, everything is close to the city center. But by the way, even if you live far away, it’s not too far, it’s not crowded. And the people are so friendly here, all the people are friendly. If you want to study and improve your English, Dublin is your city and Oscars is your school.\”

Daniel in Temple Bar, Dublin

Daniel Teran from Ecuador was at City Language School in 2017. You can find out more about his experience here.


We’re serious about your Education

“There are many reasons for doing the CAE,” he explains, “but the first one is that the Cambridge exams are recognised under the Common European Framework for Languages which really brings a boost to your curriculum vitae. Everyone wants people with CAE in English Schools, particularly in private schools. It’s recognised all over the world. I already have the FCE. I took it in 2009. So the CAE would be the next step and that’s why I’m taking it.”


“In the CAE class we are doing something around the exam every day,” he says. “So we are doing either practice tests or we are focussing on the exam strategies and that’s really good. It’s challenging sometimes but it’s part of the process. Exams are not meant to be fun but because we are tested [on some aspect of the CAE exam] every day, we see our scores and we can see how we are improving or what parts of the exam we need to work on. So you have to be very conscientious about what you are doing.”

Elton Rocha is an English Teacher in Brazil. He came to Dublin to take the CAE exam and spent six months in Dublin. You can find out more about his experience at City Language School right here.

Oscars (3)

“The teachers are very patient. At the beginning, I suffered from my bad English but they always encouraged me and now I feel more

comfortable. My classmates they are all nice and teacher is also very good. I really enjoy the classes.”

Yi Ping is from Taiwan. She spent six months with us at City Language School. You can read more about her experience here.