Give me 5! (5 places to eat in Dublin for €5 five minutes from our school)

It can be tricky to find good quality but inexpensive places to eat in Dublin. So at City Language School we sat down and had a think. We have found 5 places to eat for under a fiver and they are all within a five to ten minute walk from our school in the heart of Dublin.


Duck, Fade Street, Dublin 2

Hidden away on funky Fade Street is the great little Chinese eatery Duck. It is right beside Dublin’s Asian Market so you know the ingredients you are getting are genuine and they are pretty tasty too.  Two duck spring rolls will cost you €3.95. Aromatic Duck Pancakes at €4.95 are a real treat  and the tasty Chinese Soup costs just €3. It has a nice atmosphere too.

Tasty treats at Duck on Fade Street


Govinda’s, Aungier Street, Dublin 2

Govinda’s is a vegetarian restaurant inspired by food from India. Main courses will cost you more but there are soups, samosas and a selection of salads for under €5. This is a good choice for a healthy option. They also have a restaurant on Abbey Street in Dublin 1.


Simon’s Place, Georges Street Arcade, Dublin 2

Every morning Simon and his team of helpers make these gargantuan sandwiches in their cafe, wrap them up and sell them for under a fiver. The chicken sandwiches are filling, tasty and can be eaten at the window while you watch Dublin pass you by. This coffee shop is an institution in Dublin and once you have come here once you will keep coming back for more.


Ray’s Pizza, Temple Bar, Dublin 2

This pizzeria across the road from City Language School is just on the edge of Temple Bar. Slices of pizza start at just €2.50 and they are huge. This is a very popular spot with our hungry students.

Pizza from €2.50 at Ray\'s Pizza


Luncheonette, NCAD, Thomas Street, Dublin 8

This place is so special we were reluctant to actually tell you about it. Luncheonette is the canteen in the National College of Art and Design on Thomas Street. Most things on the menu here are under €4 and they are always different. One day it could be pea patties with keffir lime leaves, the next it could be dahl and coconut soup. Always tasty, always trendy, always creative.

There are some words and expressions in this blog post that might be new to you. Let us explain them…

fiver = (noun and slang) five euros

funky = (adjective) really cool

eatery = (noun) restaurant/place you can eat

reluctant = (adjective) to describe something that you don\’t want to do